Dakota Fanning Marc Jacobs “Oh Lola!”


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D a k o t a  F  a  n n  i  n  g   M a r c   J  a  c  o  b  s   A d   O h  L o l a  |  Glossiped’  News  G L N S  6 0 6


 “’Glossiped’ in News – Dakota Fanning Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola!

The Players:  

Marc Jacobs, Dakota Fanning,

Fashion, Perfume

by ModXchange Fashion Worldwide



10  November 2011

LONDON, United Kingdom  – |   “Too sexy,” is the reaction of London and designer M a r c   J a c o b s   near the foci of the hullabaloo.

American actress D a k o t a  F a n n i n g, the center of attention, reposed pretty (and in pink) in what London’s American Standards Authority deemed, a sexually charged display of suggestion.

The material in question: Fanning clad in a fleshy-pink short dress, freckled with polka dots, holding a large, pink bottle of perfume – and a large pedaled flower atop.

North Americans, overseas, may be shocked to realise, the ASA is poised ready to denote any advertising or presentation of low-decency, or suggestive behaviour, made public for objective scrutiny. Fanning’s attending NYC, no whit of consideration from ASA opinion.

The Marc Jacobs haus photo with campaign underscored, “Oh, Lola,” pop-culture in retrospect, even if not scandal-planned (think novel, Lolita), depicted Fanning in London Evening Standard’s ES Magazine and the Sunday Times Style magazine of her positioned with the bottle with perfume between her legs.

The Advertising Standards Authority ensconced four complaints from the ad print were mentioned, due to the provocative nature of the photography and the young actress’s age, which loomed upon lesser taste.

“Sexualised,” “provocative,” and “inappropriate,” the descriptions favoured by the org, yet co. Coty UK, producer and distributor of the fragrance, said it had not received any report there was hint of chagrin. Sunday Times Style and ES Magazine retouched topic expressing they had not heard any displeasure of the advertisements either.

“We considered that the length of her dress, her leg and position of the perfume bottle drew attention to her sexuality.

“Because of that, along with her appearance, we considered the ad could be seen to sexualise a child, “the ASA noted. “We therefore concluded that the ad was irresponsible and was likely to cause serious offence.”

The affect… ASA has banned the ad, first time since a summit gathering was held to relate the purported impact of “sexualisation” of print, programming, and related media targeting young audiences.

The meet, heralded by PM David Cameron in October included a temporary body of advertisers, broadcasters, magazine editors, media cos. and related retail organizations coalesced to express concerns.

The ASA released guidance to advertisers and advertisement agencies as complement to slim down overt imagery in ad campaigns with sexual proponent.

The United Kingdom has had its share of “provocative” and questionable media offering to the general public.

Its argument, actress Dakota Fanning appeared to look younger than 16.

Dakota Fanning Oh Lola!

Fanning snogging Kristen Stewart in the feature The Runaways – she was a mere 15 during filming.

Tit for tat or Much Ado… anyone up for a camp night out with popcorn, Twizzlers®, and movie Lolita?


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