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“Fashion in News – Actress Kim Cattrall – Beauty & Private Lives”

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9  November 2011

TORONTO, Canada, New YORK, NEW YORK  – |  F a s h i o n  trumped awards with triumph – and entertainment splendor.  Proctor & Gamble and its annual   B e a u t y  a n d  G r o o m i n g   A w a r d s  revamped its return to celebrate Toronto’s picturesque environ and better, the beautiful, behind the beautiful, of the city’s finest in fashion, beauty, editorial and industry.   Iconic beauty and irreverent thesp,  K i m  C a t t r a l l  stood front and center emceeing the evening, and ModXchange simply couldn’t (and cannot) get enough of this sweetheart who’s brightening the lights on Broadway.

Her starring roles in Sex in the City and the Sex in the City sequel complement queue of her immanently eclectic career and now – Kim Cattrall’s taken the stage – and is an absolute dream in the theatrical production, Noel Coward’s Private Lives.

Golden Globe® and Emmy Award® Cattrall plays Amanda, divorcee who’s living wild and carefree from ex-hubby Eliot, Paul Gross (Tales of the City, Due South) find each other again, with new spouses, five years later. Deauville, France is the backdrop of mishaps when the two spy one another from adjacent balconies while on their separate honeymoons… and love is the air once again, and lust extraordinaire… with whim of malaise, should their illicit meets become found…

Cattrall, of Hollywood, TV, and consummate pretty, has her own suggestions of how a star and Everygirl can keep themselves fresh, pampered, and ever beauty-ready – her tips for living the Glamourous and always camera ready life?

F a s h i o n Magazine, winner of ‘Best Beauty/Fashion Website’ at this year’s 3rd P & G Beauty & Grooming Awards, copped a quickie with her before the awards.  What are Cattrall’s beauty secrets..?

Kim uses foundation. “A good base is a true sign of a very good makeup artist,” she says. Cattrall applies Laura Mercier, a base free from oils, to the décolletage (neck and throat) and the face.

Cattrall’s mantra of protecting the skin extends to the bedroom and lying under the sheets.  Realizing her skin’s “very fair,” she covers with a smidge of extra touchup. “…I wouldn’t go out without that protection and coverage.”

Wisdom gifted beyond words.

She works under intense conditions while filming.  The heat (and cold) from exterior and interior environments all but demand rapt attend to skincare.

Private Lives’ performances have Cattrall in body makeup in her opening scene.  She stays fresh with a rinse and Olay Total Effects Refreshing Citrus Scrub.

Private Lives from AKA NYC on Vimeo.


Kim Cattrall wows in Private Lives, playing at the Music Box Theatre 239 West 45th Street in New York, NY through February 5, 2012.


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