Miami Beach International Fashion Week 2012 Emerging Designer Competition


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M i a m i  B e a c h   F a s h i o n   W e e k   2 0 1 2   E m e r g i n g   D e s i g n e r   C o m p e t i t i o n


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“Fashion in News – Miami Beach International Fashion Week Emerging Designer Competition”

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7  November 2011

MIAMI BEACH, Florida – |   F a s h i o n   roars like a lion come March in behest of a fiery designer competition, at   2 0 1 2 ‘s  M i a m i  B e a c h  I n t e r n a t i o n a I   F a s h i o n  W e e k  .

Designers already have entered MBIFW’s scene eager to stitch themselves in to its next fashion competition, the 2012 Emerging Designer Competition.

Entering into its 14th year, MBIFW presses past the borders of imagination with a search for the next best designers of the world.  Only one will be discovered and selected as the “International Emerging Designer of the Year.”

Judges will make final choices; the designers’ completed looks will be seen consecutive nights by local, and international press, buyers, celebrities and guests by special invite.  A fashion installation is slated to debut each queue of fashions with categories of women’s wear and men’s wear of looks for review.

The New Stars in Fashion Installation will surround the highlighted designer collections in what promises to be fierce in competition.

As the International Emerging Designer of the Year designer tour-de-force enters its 5th year, competitors delve into greater challenges and fashion cirques – preparation and clarity are key to culling final judging accolades.

The MBIFW Emerging Designer competition requirements:


Eligible designers will meet the listed requirements, requirements are obligatory:

1) Designer must be a graduate of an accredited fashion college from anywhere in the world.   ✥   2) Designer must have been in business for a minimum of one (1) year but less than (5) years continually designing collections with a minimum of two (2) collections per year.  ✥   3) Designer must produce a minimum of ten (10) pieces per collection.  ✥  4) Designer must be selling garments in at least one store.

Submissions, Rules:

If designers meet the requirements, each is requested to provide:

1) Theme or season of the competition; Spring / Summer.   ✥   2) Style: Women’s Wear – Prêt-A-Porter or Haute Couture Men’s Wear – day or evening (must be noted with the submitted photos).   ✥   3) Submit six (6) photos of actual garments, (no sketches please) in JPEG (72 DPI) or PDF format.  Include notes on fabrics used (no color or mood board is required).  ✥  4) A biography in English.


.Please send all submissions by Email to:

The Deadline for submissions is January 30, 2012.

Finalists, pay rapt attention to instructions.  Designer finalists selected will be posted at MBIFW on the web, February 15, 2012.

The Annual 14th Miami Beach International Fashion Week takes to the stage March 21 through March 24 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, 2012.

MBIFW - 2012


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