Coco Rocha Glams Up New York Times Fashion Office


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 C o c o   R  o  c  h  a   P o s h e s   N e w  Y o r  k  T i m e s  O f f i c e  |  Glossiped’ News G L N S  6 0 4


 “’Glossiped’ – Model Coco Rocha Glams Up New York Times’ Fashion Office”

The Players:  Coco Rocha, New York Times, Fashion, Modeling, Style

by ModXchange Fashion


1  November 2011

NEW YORK, New York – |  Tuesday, New York City shaped up better than nicely with an account of how to work at the office – the New York Times’ Fashion office that is.   Model poseur struck when    C o c o   R o c h a   arrived and showed office staff how receivables in  f a s h i o n  cirque payoff: in repose.

What did the office queue learn?  How to pose with lightening pace friezes while riding the escalator up floor by floor; Appropriate a mail cart offering the sexiest one-hand push-off fussing with the hair while you walk; Let anyone (or everyone) in the office bathroom get an eyeful with Coco’s kitten expressions and poses – from the toilette stall no less.  Nothing short of modelesque, from Coco.  Which is exactly what she offered on panel in this season’s America’s Next Top Model on the CW.  A model guest, Coco ramped up Tyra Bank’s Top Model All Stars October with a high fashion photo shoot and serious advance posing rites:

The key to nailing that perfectly “modeled” photograph.  Coco says, “emote.”  That’s recite your vowels: “A, E, I, O U,” and bring the face into powerful sculpted expression.  Saying each vowel separately – creates just the amount of tension required to pull off the perfect, facial “pose.”

Ready for a private model instruction?  Watch Coco at the NYT Fashion Office:


Coco Rocha Poshes Up New York Times Fashion Officeaka

Coco Rocha Challenges The Cut to a Pose-Off.

.Coco does America’s Next Top Model and shares ANTM panel with Tyra, here.

oxox – ModXchange Fashion


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