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27  October 2011

NEW YORK, NewYork | Project Runway Season 9 and the winner is… Anya Ayoung-Chee.  Exemplifying a penchant for prints and having a keen understanding of how fabrics truly adorn today’s modern woman –  A n y a   A y o u n g – C h e e  won over the hearts of many Project Runway devotees.

Fashion–likers compared the ingénue with a fresh, imaginative style to the Vahallans of earlier Project Runways alums – Ayoung-Chee certainly bowled over the PR Panel (Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, Heidi Klum) – not necessarily wowing her co-competitors as completely: see Project Runway’s Season 9 entrant, Joshua McKinley, whose continual up-playing of Ayoung-Chee’s lesser professional training, and of his overall designer acumen over the other competitors, may have helped to position the designer’s creative looks into the minds of the Panel more indelibly.

The fashion “thinkers,” Project Runway fans not-so-quickly-impressed, observed a diff elevation in production and PR standard.  On Project Runway Blog, more than a few comments expressing distaste of PR’s decision to allowing a final four contestants to show at MBFW over the standard whittled-down to, three.  Further recounts by fans mentioned displeasure of another five hundred bucks given to the designers to fix collection-fails with a do-over. The sentiment reflecting changes were made within the contest to proffer PR’s above the line choice, over talent, is prevalent across internet waves.

One commentator expressed, “She [Anya Ayoung-Chee] may have great fashion sense, taste and grace but that does not make her a designer. Jackie O epitomized fashion, taste and grace. Does that make her a designer? or Grace Kelley? or Audrey Hepburn..?”

Ayoung-Chee demonstrated an ability to press through extreme fashion difficulties, win a fashion challenge, and complete a finished collection, sans “decoys,” under a limited time span and an umbrella of ultra-intense circumstances…

What every fashion designer goes through along the way to brand-creation, and afterward.


Will Project Runway spinoff,  P r o j e c t   A c c e s s o r y  have as bold a fashion race to the finish; favourites have yet to emerge.


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