Los Angeles Fashion Week 2012 – Day 2, Day 3


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“Los Angeles Fashion Week – Day 2”


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 by ModXchange Fashion 


17  October 2011

LOS ANGELES, California – | 2 0 1 2  L  o  s  A  n  g  e  l  e  s  F a s h i o n  W e e k has opened presenting its beauty and fashion prescience to the City. The latest fashion, designers, stylists, photographers and talent have descended onto southern California bringing their colour of brand and progressive chic.

Year six, the 2012 Los Angeles Fashion collections continue debut with presentation October 17 through October 20, 2011:  Find who, what, when, and f a s h i o n – and read what L.A. Fashion Week is discovering at FashionWeekLA on Twitter and what’s coming:

LA Fashion Weekend incepts Friday, October 21 and continues to Sunday, October 23.


Day 2 and Day 3 | L.A. Fashion Week

.Fashion Week |  Day 2


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Style Fashion Week |

Stop Staring!  Style Fashion Week at Vibiana: fashion presentations 7pm-10pm.  Alternative Apparel. 9pm.  @StyleFW | www.StyleFashionWeek.com | Invite only.

Orta Blu: BEYOND DENIM celebration at Roark Compound: special live performance : “She Keeps Bees” and DJ Chris Holmes and DJ AJ English.  7pm -2am.  Media contact Christina Kielb at No Such Agency. | @ortablu | www.ortablu.org | by Invitation only.


Fashion Week |  Day 3

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Market Week |

Showrooms: Market Week showrooms open at 9th Street and Los Angeles Street, downtown L.A.: through October 20. 9am-5pm@LAfashiondist | www.fashiondistrict.org | Industry Trade only.

British Fashion Council presenting the LONDON show ROOMS at Ace Gallery 10:30am-6pm. Media contact:  Lauren Urband or Ashley Ross at Starworks LA. | www.britishfashioncouncil.co.uk | by Invitation only.

Coeur Trade Show: 60+ accessories collections at the Cooper Design Space. Final day.  9am-5pm. @coeurshow | www.coeurtradeshow.com | Industry Trade only.

Designers & Agents Trade Show: at the Cooper Design Space. Final day.  10am-6pm. www.designersandagents.com | Industry Trade only.

Select Trade Show: at California Market Center. Final day.  9am-6pm. @calmarketcenter | www.californiamarketcenter.com | Industry Trade only.


Style Fashion Week |  Vibiana

5pm-8pm. Style Fashion Week at Vibiana and 6pm Fashion show: Gypsy 05. @StyleFWwww.StyleFashionWeek.com | by Invitation only.

Industry and fashion collections, the showrooms in Los Angeles and nearby locales, and more are with   ModXchange: part of L.A. Fashion Week 2012.  Additional news, shows, locations, find with ease at ModXchangeLA where we’ve got more and more.

Los Angeles Fashion Week 2012 continues this October.


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