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“Los Angeles Fashion Week”


The Players:  Fashion, Los Angeles Fashion Week 

 by ModXchange Fashion 


16  October 2011

LOS ANGELES, California – |  Forever vivacious, F a s h i o n  emotes wistfully this Fall and complete bliss as the weekend plays courtesan to  the   2 0 1 2   L  o  s    A  n  g  e  l  e  s    F a s h i o n  W e e k   beginning October 16 downtown with the provocative Opening party in the city.

Los Angeles Fashion presents the latest fashion, talent, models, stylists, photographers and up and coming designers in the city’s bastion of vibrant chic and progressive style.

Year six, Los Angeles Fashion Week paves the fashion way into Los Angeles Market Week.  The 2012 Los Angeles Fashion collections continue debut at multiple locales and with presentation October 17 through October 20, 2011.

LA Fashion Weekend incepts Friday, October 21 completing Sunday, October 23.

Keep an eye and who, what, when, and f a s h i o n  with savvy – give peers and friends a solid and read what L.A, Fashion Week disciples are following at FashionWeekLA on Twitter.


Opening Night |  Fashion Week:


Sunday, 16 October 2011

 Style Fashion Week LA Opening Party

Salvage Bar & Lounge  | 5pm-8pm.  @StyleFW | www.stylefashionweek.com | Industry only.


Fashion Week ||.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Market Week |  Showrooms

Showrooms: Market Week showrooms open at 9th Street and Los Angeles Street, downtown L.A.  9am-5pm@LAfashiondist | www.fashiondistrict.org | Industry Trade only.


Directives West presenting FIRST.LA Spring Summer 2012 at the California Market Center.  5:30pm. Media contact Lauren at LSPRLA. | @directiveswest | www.directiveswest.com  ||  Runway presentation of directional goods from California client brands including:  Key-se, AGAIN, Denimocracy, and Go Make Noise.


British Fashion Council presenting the LONDON show ROOMS at Ace Gallery through October 19.  10:30am-6pm. Media contact:  Lauren Urband or Ashley Ross at Starworks LA. |  www.britishfashioncouncil.co.uk | by Invitation only.


Coeur Trade Show debuts: 60+  accessories collections at the Cooper Design Space through October 19.  9am-5pm. @coeurshow | www.coeurtradeshow.com | Industry Trade only.


Designers & Agents Trade Show: at the Cooper Design Space through October 19.  10am-6pm. Open to the trade only. www.designersandagents.com | Industry Trade only.


Select Trade Show: at California Market Center through October 19.  9am-6pm. @calmarketcenter | www.californiamarketcenter.com | Industry Trade only.


Style Fashion Week Begins |  Vibiana

7pm-9pm. Style Fashion Week begins at Vibiana and 7:30pm Fashion show – opening designer to be announced. @StyleFW | www.StyleFashionWeek.com | by Invitation only.


LA Fashion Corner / World Networks presenting “Caring with Style” benefit.

7pm-11pm.. 10pm show. | Tickets www.caringwithstyle.com


More industry and fashion showrooms, collections, and accessories trade this week in Los Angeles and nearby locales.  ModXchange is proud to be a part of L.A. Fashion Week and for additional news, locations, shows, ModXchangeLA has the deets.

Tune in with us for more.

Los Angeles Fashion Week 2012 continues through October.


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