Viktor and Rolf Fashion Spring 2012


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V i k t o r   a n d   R o l f   F  a s h i o n   S p r i n g   2 0 1 2  | ModXchange News MXNS 0013


“Viktor and Rolf and Fashion – Spring 2012”


The Players: Viktor and Rolf, Couture, Editorial

 by ModXchange Fashion 



11  October 2011

WORLDWIDE  – | One hundred eighty round mise—en—scène; look behind to front and thrill with pique at Viktor and Rolf’s luxurious spring show – including haute video by  K l o s s  London , and an MDX special with pictures so amazing, they’re simply impossible not to laud.

Viktor and Rolf possess irrefutable finesse – creating stage and theatrical performance season after scintillating season; theirs is a never-ending expression – fashion imagined in unique vision tinctured quod vide the fantastical.

This 2011-12 season, the spring collection summoned extravagance.  Models emerged from a ginormous skirt, opening apart akin to drapes.  Array of startling and beautifully striking pieces cascaded the catwalk; models catching cadence of music by Brigitte, French pop duo.   Corset styled belts and decadently ruffled heels kept compliment with satiny detailing and coquettish cocktail dress evening wear.  The Viktor and Rolf stunner debut – the glorious gowns.  Sleek and culture refreshed, ensembles echoing Hollywood and the couture of the 1950s were redrawn alive by V & R.  Dreamy moments of Grace Kelly and lavish lifestyles of ages past the duo reframed into 21st century flair – surpassed only by a basic white, one of a kind wedding presentation – a dress donned by Julia Nobis, larger than life, and oversized, completed with a dazzlingly feminine veil and bow.  The runway beautifully frescoed by whimsical and playful spirit.

It’s Viktor and Rolf doing what they do best; serving up fashion with decadent suggest, object trouvé.

Viktor & Rolf Backstage Spring/Summer 2012 from on Vimeo.

This is  V I K T O R   &   R O L F

.Photography:  Stephan Moskovic

Backstage Photography:  Janelle Okwodu ,  Stephan Moskovic
Hair:  Luigi Murenu
Makeup:  Pat McGrath
Production and Set Design:   Alexandre De Betak
Backstage video:  KLOSS London
Music: Alpines—Ice and Arrows (Dark Sky remix)



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