Karl Lagerfeld Loves Modernity and Fashion


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L a g e r f e l d  L o v e s  M o d e r n i t y  &  F a s h i o n | ModXchange News  MXNS 0014


“Fashion in News – Karl Lagerfeld Loves Modernity & Fashion”

The Players:  Karl Lagerfeld, Couture, Chanel

by ModXchange News


10  October 2011


PARIS, France – |  Fashion  is  many  things  to  many  persons.   D e s i g n e r              K  a  r  l    L   a   g   e   r   f   e   l   d   adores it  and more when it’s enraptured by the modernity of the lens.  Never a proponent only for the fashions of photography past, Lagerfeld discovers inspiration from painting, architecture and film anew, with modicum of nostalgia.  This October, Karl Lagerfeld corralled pinnacle of his portfolio at the Salon de la Photo, Paris, France.  This season the designer’s portraits and landscape medium unveiled at the Paris Expo.  Commiserating Lagerfeld’s original photography not seen before, numerous portraits ternary were revealed at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie.  Selections detailed works from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helmut Newton, and Richard Avedon; from Lagerfeld – the consummate artist.

Karl Lagerfeld revels in a personal encore – wisp of artist’s dream and consequence, revealing his adorations and superlative conspectus – to Chanel.

“… [P]hotography is part of my life,” Lagerfeld realizes; he’s found an inner dialogue; a connection to photography as art, also as complement.  “I can’t imagine life without its vision,” he quantizes. “I look at fashion and the world through the eye of the camera. This gives my basic work a critical detachment that helps me more than I could ever have imagined.”

Imagination is a place he’s discovered impetus from many a direction.

“I never thought I could be a photographer until I was literally pushed into it one day,” he says. “..The push came from my friend and co-worker Eric Pfrunder, in the late 1980s.”  His reason, “…I urgently needed some photos for a press kit.”

Lagerfeld finds a vibrant awareness for photography, and the white page, a malleable instrument.

“Paper is my favourite material in the whole world,” he says. “It is the starting point for a drawing and the finishing point of a photograph.  I could never do without paper. For my photos, for example, everything begins with a drawing.  I compose a photo in the same way I do a drawing.  But the play of light gives it a new dimension.”

His photographs are unbound by camera and perquisite.  “I do a lot of studio work.  The camera isn’t very important: I work indifferently with 20×25, 24×36 and digital cameras, always with assistants,” Lagerfeld expresses.  “My photo studio works in a similar way to an haute couture workshop: the work is collective, everyone has a clearly, defined role and contributes something: an expertise, a skill.”

Portraiture Lagerfeld finds with experience a complete abandon.  “I love modernity; I never look back at the past; I don’t worship nostalgia.”  His photographs are envisioned in new, imaginative horizons.

“I do a lot of portraits. I really take the time to choose my models… I also do landscapes and still life – I prefer this expression to its rather odd French equivalent ‘nature morte.”

As an artist, Lagerfeld enjoys working in digital photography.  “As far back as the late 90s I naturally started experimenting with these new techniques, and made Fine Art inkjet prints made on canvas, textured Cristal paper, pure cotton Arches paper, and so on.  The medium must always correspond to a precise idea I have about a landscape, a portrait, or a nude,” he says.

He finds influences from every art, genre, and medium, including celluloid.

See Lagerfeld’s
T h e   T a l e   o f   a   F a i r y


“My cosmopolitan education led me to take a very early interest all forms of art and to observe the world at large.  As in fashion, I can’t imagine limiting myself to certain disciplines as a photographer: painting, film, and architecture obviously inspire me.  So you can see that ‘Hommage à Oskar Schlemmer’ is inspired by Metropolis by Fritz Lang and the films of Murnau.”

The importance of emotion reigns utmost in artists’ vision within photographs as medium; and the work of Karl Lagerfeld, artist, designer, tout bien ou rein.


“I don’t think one should ever be a ‘model-guzzler’. One must give the model a spirit.”



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