Gisele Bündchen World’s Most Powerful Celebrity Supermodel


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“Glossiped’ – Gisele Bündchen Most Powerful Celebrity Supermodel”


by ModXchange Worldwide



7 October 2011.

New York, NEW YORK – |  Greater than fashion aficionado Angelina Jolie’s Forbes power listing – she’s ranked 29 this season of all most likely to coup over count – within personal brand, is the crowning of the world’s first model cum celebrity.   G i s e l e   B ü n d c h e n  is atop Forbes magazine’s ‘Forbes Celebrity 100 List’ – Reals and Euros in queue.

One half of another Forbes’ power list, Gisele Bündchen’s long-running marriage with husband NFL star Tom Brady cycles the model into other lead, in the mag’s “highest-paid celebrity couples.”  The combinative rankings idle Bündchen at top 50 stature on ‘Forbes World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list.’

While supermodel Kate Moss reached heights of model power domination, entering Forbes’ Powerful Women list at no .94 – the notable Calvin Klein “It” girl is considered in the world of fashion “double threat” – hot on her trail as an equally indelible model within brand and design tracts, Bündchen has solidified rank with near inconceivable income, producing deals from her product lines and campaigns backend.

Moss, 37, topped fashion earnings dominance inking contract with Christian Dior, Cidade Jardim, TopShop, and Vogue Eyewear – while amassing endorsed rep from David Yurman, Longchamp, Yves Saint-Laurent and the successfully European line, Rimmel.  Total bank, Kate ka-chinged $13.5M, besting a 2010 rake in of a milder $8M. Lauded as brand within 3rd and 4th generation fashion circles, with a rash of photography photographed by Bruce Weber and Chuck Close, Gene Lemuel, Glen Luchford, Juergen Teller, Mario Sorrenti, Mario Testino, Mary McCartney, Peter Blake, Terry Richardson and more, the appellation  K a t e  M o s s   is gaining projection as the last, great supermodel – her image immortalized even larger than life at the Danziger Projects gallery,  New York.

Fashion maven A n n a  W i n t o u r  ranked hemline in Forbes at No. 69;  M i u c c i a  P  r  a  d  a,  creator of latest candy-licious Prada Spring ’11 line, edged with her stitch into No. 79.

Bündchen ranks Forbes’ list at No. 60.

Grendene’s Ipanema flip-flops with Gisele’s name imprinted on label, competitive brand to Brazil’s Havaianas, she’s matched modeling with brand empowerment – Gisele dotted I’s and crossed T’s with Pantene hair and care product line powering up her Moneyball earns, separate from husband Brady, to an eye-popping, if not eye-startling $45M.

Partner Tom inked better.

Brady signed with NFL team New England Patriots, a 4-year commitment and contracted extension in annual deal, adds with concentrated multiplier, stage up to $72M.

Tom Brady’s post-year intake, $31M, and Gisele’s endorsement, fashion, and product reprisals, $45M, place the world’s beautiful two as Forbes’ most influential celebrity coupling.  Her Gisele Bündchen Brazilian Intimates, campaigns for Versace, creative director vis-à-vis  with C&A’s Gisele Bündchen Collection, her hotel in South brazil, villa in Costa Rica, the new dream home she is building in Brentwood, CA facing Santa Monica bay, and Sejaa Pure Skincare cosmetics line,  G i s e l e  is poised as an incumbent to become the world’s first, billionaire supermodel.

The world of the beautiful: it’s fashion.


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