‘Wizard of Oz’ Ruby Red Slippers Auctioning in Movie Mecca Los Angeles, CA



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“News – ‘Wizard of Oz’ Ruby Slippers Auctioning in Movie Mecca Los Angeles, CA”


The Players:  Ruby Red Slippers, Hollywood, CA, Profiles in History

 by ModXchange



29 September 2011


Los Angeles, CA – |   Collections on exhibit soared to atmospheric heights 2011; the latest come to auction shop, a pair of the most famous shoes in the world –  “The Wizard of OZ” character Dorothy’s iconic ruby red slippers.

Hollywood, California, a motion picture and Mecca known for creative artistic license, divvied up risk relating to production costs commissioning not one, but four pairs of the sparkling slippers for photography.  The unforgettable image of Dorothy, under tutelage by Glenda, ‘the good witch,’ clicking together the sanguine heels is indelible with many.  Yet years passed masque greater modus vivendi re haute lifestyle.

The memorable scene from the 1939 movie procured “props” of American cinema surpassing film reels and annuls into the 21stcentury.  Just four of the red shoes are a known part of history culture.

The ruby reds actress Judy Garland wore in the feature have three other complements.

The Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. houses one of the three pairs; another of the pair stolen; the remaining two privately held.

This spring a “The Wizard of Oz” red slippers test pair Debbie Reynolds, star of film and stage released for $612,000 bid.

Profiles in History, a Hollywood auction house enterprise has slated an auction for another of the set.  “This is the most important film prop in the world,” Profiles Joe Maddalena laureates.  “There is nothing more famous.

“They are one of the greatest pieces of pop culture in existence.”

Discovered on the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios lot in the ‘70s, costume designer Kent Warner

was one of the last to handle the immortal show pieces.

Profiles in History reveres the “#7 imprinted” showstoppers have retained their mint status, with only moderate scuffing, and the leather soles – painted in a complimentary red.  The valuation of the shoes are the effect of Hollywood theatrical; recounted story lauds the slippers were photographed as actress Garland clicked heels the prenominate “three times.”

The ruby red pretty little things are at a royal estimate of pre-purchase upwards of $2M.  The completed bid may fetch a prettier $3M.

The red slippers auction in Los Angeles, California, Friday, December 16.


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