House of Yves Saint – Laurent Repines YSL Rumour


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Y v e s  S a i n t L a u r e n t  R e p i n e s  Y S L  R u m o u r | ModXchange News MXNS 008


“House of Yves Saint-Laurent Repines YSL Rumour: Stefano Pilati”


The Players: Yves Saint-Laurent, Raf Simons, Stefano Pilati

 by ModXchange Worldwide 



26  September 2011

PARIS, France – |   Modeling and international fashion sectors tuned ears to the global wire-mill with mention-rare of change: Yves Saint-Laurent plan to replace renowned designer Stefano Pilati.  PPR issued statement September 26, amidst Milan Fashion Week, regnant of the repined rumour.  International Herald Tribune, the global abstract of New York Times’ fashion hem stitched suggestion Stefano Pilati would not continue at Yves Saint-Laurent, Paris.

The fashion house riddled any question of change sagaciously with statement the reports were “unfounded.” Sunday, International Herald Tribune remonstrated Raf Simons was poised to undertake creative lead at YSL; Simons’ collection with Jil Sander was lauded followed by underpinnings the ‘accolades’ would project to a creative director redirection by force majeure, and Stefano Pilati’s imminent departure.

Yves Saint-Laurent confirmed reports of change at the house are not only false, but YSL addressed Pilati is preparing for the its next runway and exhibition exacting, “Stefano Pilati continues to dedicate his talent and his energy to Yves Saint-Laurent…”  Err in the purposed creative-cum-director development is not without foundation: re fashion house verve; Stefano Pilati is contracted with YSL through early spring of next year.  There has been no ink on a renewed contract positioning the designer with the superlative Parisian marquise.  Simons is signed with Jil Sander under year-term contract, effective summer 2011.


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