Lady Gaga Stars in Designer Nicola Formichetti Mugler Featurette


Glossiped’ in News   September  ModXchange  2011   Los Angeles’ Fashion Database

L a d y  G  a  g  a  S t a r s  i n  T h i e r r y  M u g l e r | Glossiped’ News  GLNS  601


“Glossiped’ – Lady Gaga Stars in Designer Nicola Formichetti, Mugler Featurette”

The Players: Lady Gaga, Nicola Formichetti,

Thierry Mugler

by ModXchange Worldwide


26 September 2011

PARIS, France – |  Fashion is more than upstart this season in Paris.  Genuflect from three-sixty-five days past, Lady Gaga sauntering the runway at Thierry Mugler, cross-walking to present day with Formichetti and new reflections of Gaga – in a theatrical short film.

Lady Gaga and illusory image “Haus of Gaga” alludes to greater than music, performance and fashion.  The singer-performer’s brand as an infrastructure pieces designer, photographers, film artists and hypnotic beats to a blended “visual” presentation.

September 28th, the artist will appear once again at Mugler’s 2011 runway show.

Mugler Creative Designer and Gaga stylist Nicola Formichetti sends up his new clothing array with a performance twist – a short feature is in schedule and will play during the models’ catwalk preluding Paris Fashion Week.

Lady Gaga is tantamount in the mini feature.  Filmed by “Haus” team Inez and Vinoodh Matadin, co-creators of the recent singer’s videos; “house” designer Nicola Formichetti will SMM, and tumble clips from the film.

Formichetti opened his lower Manhattan pop-up fashion store earlier this month.  Lines of leathered people queued Walker St. stopping to sample tap at MI-5 with Thierry Mugler’s parfums bash.  The Tribeca area was greeting with a giant panda amidst looking glasses from the Formichetti and BOOFO Building Fashion; night versus day from Formichetti’s start as a shop assistant.

“I’m here now, and I wanted to do something in New York.  It’s my home now,” the designer says.

Among the goodies to be had were rings made of Lucite, Ts, and phone skins in monochromatic with the teeny anime panda head, the designer’s logo.  Nicola never forgets the importance of fun: he’s said there are items kids can have and mix immediately with fashionable haute élole.

Nicola’s runway season debut and the new Lady Gaga film are readied for a 9:30 p.m. showing.  Will Zombie Boy, his muse, or L-to-the-G, his iconic inspiration attend, is on the edge of everyone’s guess.

The short feature will debut a latest Lady Gaga music remix.


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